Jardin ng Buhay

God is so good to His people! He provides us everything we need. Even wild plants had given to us for our good. If people are aware of God created plants that are edible, no Filipino should be hungry then. With man’s capacity to plant especially edible plants like of Bahay Kubo Plants, we can have resources of our daily consumption & we can save money too.

Have you ever tried to eat a very small squash seeds-sized pipino? We call it “wild pipino” which tastes like cucumber.  Feel eating also a unique “blue rice” from blue ternate flowers. Do you eat cadena de amor, cosmos & katuray flowers? Yes they are edible!

Jardin ng Buhay features sections to know more about them. Enjoy our guided tour in “NO FILIPINO SHOULD BE HUNGRY” and “WEEDIBLES” sections.

You will discover more cooking ingredients from leaves you though inedible but tastes great. You can have “odamame” with talinum leaves. Fry & eat kadok leaves as tempura & omelet. Fern leaves as fresh salad. A “Vietnamese coriander” leaves that will make a great appetizer with your fish sauce. Oh these plants are easy to grow. Preserve those wild plants!

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