Natural Farming Seminars

**Natural Farming seminars are regularly held at Flor’s Garden. Follow us on Facebook to be updated on the seminar dates.**

Pigs that don’t smell and yet they don’t take a bath? Would you like to know how to make chicken feed and pig chow that cost less than commercial pellets? Or even take care of healthy yummy chicken that feed on grass and fruits?

Yes, you can now make your own homemade flowering formula, fertilizer, insecticide and pesticide using natural and inexpensive raw materials and which will not cause any harm to man and the environment.

These are some of the things the more than 100 participants who registered for the Natural Farming Seminar sponsored by the FINEX Foundation Environment Committee in cooperation with Flor’s Garden, the learned recently. Andry K. Lim, the DA Secretary Awardee for Outstanding Organic Agriculture Initiative: Individual Advocate Category 2009 was the main speaker.

They came as far as Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Laguna & Palawan and are either beginners, have their farms already or are from the LGUs. Youngest participant was the teen-age son of Irene and Ador Abrogena while the oldest was Mrs. Arling Gozon, the 95-year old mom of Flor Tarriela, who listened intently throughout the whole afternoon session. After, she enthusiastically said “Let’s try the concoctions. I will expand my chickens right away!”

Andry is a strong advocate for natural farming. He talked for almost eight hours non-stop with just a 30minute lunch break. His wife, Joji handled the actual demonstration in the garden for the pig pen without smell, for the 1-day old chicks heated by beddings of dayami and charcoal in cans, vegetable plots double layered with kakawati, ipil leaves and molave branches which will not require fertilizer for the next 5-10 years.

 Dr. Ponching of Flor’s Garden talked on the Hardin ng Buhay as an added bonus to those who came early. Even with a small area, you can have a square foot gardening plot planted with different medicinal or edible herbs such as gotu kola or takip kuhol, the herb of longevity a good memory enhancer, oregano against cough and colds, or talinum, kadok that grows so fast that “No Filipino should be Hungry!”

Natural farming makes use of beneficial micro-organisms in bringing back the soil and the environment back to its original form without need for insecticide or fungicide. Nanotechnology  basically works on the same principle of making use of good micro-organisms. Andry talked on the Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) good for decomposing garbage with no smell, the Fermented Plant Juice & Fruit Juice (FPJ, FFJ) as growth hormones and to make the fruits sweet and even as medicines for cancer and other ailments.  A priest diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer was reportedly cured by taking the ”3C”, a fermented carrot, cucumber and celery combination.

Other topics were on mulching which makes use of dried leaves that fall on the ground for naturally enriching the soil, calcium from eggshell, Fish Amino Acid (FAA) and many others that if put to use can significantly cut down on our garbage, increase production at a much lesser cost compared to traditional farming and environmentally friendly. The carbon footprint of one bag of Urea known as NPK is reportedly equivalent to the carbon emission of 4 cars.

After typhoon Ondoy and Peping, the challenges of global warming or on a smaller scale our garbage in our homes, neighbors, community is a responsibility that we now have to seriously consider for the present and for the future generation. We have to make the environment our personal advocacy and support any effort to help save Mother Earth. Finex Foundation in cooperation with Flor’s Garden will be holding regular Natural Farming seminars. Don’t miss this!

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